Importance of Screening a Notary Signer

Whenever you need to get a document notarized, it must be an important document to you, whether it’s an application, a deed, a power of attorney, an affidavit of some sort. When you are in front of a Notary Public, he or she must carefully screen you, the signer. This is done for very good reasons.

A primary responsibility of a Notary Public is to serve as an impartial witness for signing of important documents. As an impartial witness, the Notary is required to screen the signer and to meet the State law. While each State’s notary rules and laws may differ, the screening of a signer is the same.

To screen a signer, there are 3 key things that a Notary looks for:

1.      Signer Presence

The signer must be present in front of the Notary and the signer must have proper government issued identification. The Notary must verify that the Identification matches with the Signer in person.

2.      Signer Willingness

It is critically important that the signer is signing the document on his or her own free will. The Notary must make every effort to confirm that the signer is acting on his/her own will. It’s the law. Examples of fraudulent signing where the signers are coerced: Financial Power of Attorney, Consent for Marriage of a Minor.

3.      Signer Awareness 

Equally important to willingness is the Signer’s awareness of what he/she is doing. Essentially, does the Signer understand what he/she is signing with full mental capacity?

While there are other factors that a Notary looks for before performing a notarial act, the above 3 key elements are what an experienced Notary does every time!

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