Common Notary Certificates in California

In California, the two most common notarial Certificates are the All-Purpose Acknowledgement and the Jurat. Most legal documents prepared by attorneys within the State come with proper Certificate. In the event a document does not include a California certificate, the signer must choose the type of Certificate they want. As a notary public, we cannot choose the Certificate for the signers.

In many occasions, the document signers do not know which certificate they need. With proper explanation of the purpose of each Certificate, my clients have no problem choosing the Certificate they need.

As a Mobile Notary, I always bring the California State approved loose-leaf certificates with me in the event the documents do not have the required/approved California certificates.

Peninsula Mobile Notary provides mobile notary services in the Santa Clara county and the San Mateo county. We are also known as the “traveling notary” because we travel to your location at a convenient time for you. I’ve met many signers at coffee shops, their offices, in addition to their homes. My clients choose a location that is convenient to them, and most importantly, a location they feel safe.

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