What I enjoy most being a Mobile Notary Signing Agent?

Since I have been writing blogs that focused on technical information about notarization, it’s good to add something non-technical. For this post, I wanted to share what’s liked to be a mobile notary and what I enjoy most on a daily basis.

As a mobile notary, I travel to my customer’s locations to perform notary services. A primary benefit for using a mobile notary is for convenience and to save time. Clients can decide on where to meet, it can be their homes, offices, rehab centers, hospitals, or coffee shops. Some appointments took 15 minutes, others took 3 hours. Some signers take longer time to sign, others spent time reading the documents. Regardless of the time I spent at the appointment, what I liked the most is the human connection I made with the clients. I have met so many wonderful folks and I appreciated every positive encounter!

Loving what I do!

Susan Cheung
Peninsula Mobile Notary
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